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Bright Line Freight Corp. (Known as BLF) is a supply chain solution specialist authorized by Chinese Economy and Trade Department and has the license of “Appointed Forwarder” examined by Civil Aviation Administration of China. BLF is the member of China International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFA). Leveraging company-owned assets, BLF can provide single-source supply chain management solutions tailored to fit the scope and spec of your projects and operations. At BLF, we pride ourselves on being a solutions based organization and we take the time to understand each customer’s individual business needs.




BLF is dedicated in providing the highest quality of service, competitive rates, and flexibility required in this ever-changing transportation industry.


2004 in Shanghai, China


Global Locations:

22 Offices, 15 Countries



1100 employees worldwide



Tom Zhao


President & CEO

As one of the world’s leading logistics companies, we work in partnership with our customers to deliver supply chain solutions that bring tangible, sustained benefits to your business.


Working with us you are better placed to:


Implement your business strategy on a global scale


  • global presence, local knowledge and unparalleled sector expertise
  • enhance your commitment to sustainable development
  • reduced carbon footprint
  • compliance to regulations throughout the supply chain
  • safe and secure operations
  • control and total visibility across your entire supply chain
  • improved order and supplier management

With our expertise in major sea ports, airports and border crossings, Bright Line Freight Corp. understands the complexity of customs operations and carries out required customs formalities for import, export, transit and temporary shipments. To minimize customs complications, which are becoming more frequent every day, we provide in – house brokerage services, consultancy services, all formalities, VATs, permits, and transit documents.


Freight Security

We work in collaboration with government authorities to ensure the complete security of all cargo transportation.


Freight Insurance

We do our best to guarantee that your shipments arrive at final destination in perfect condition, either in full container, pallet or LCL shipment by sea, air or land freight. We handle every shipment with great finesse and attention to detail. However, despite this level of care, the nature of cargo transport means deliveries are exposed to risks of total or partial damage and loss, which is why our insurance system covers all risks during every stage of transportation and storage with competitive rates.


Core Services

  • transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • customs & compliance
  • risk management

Bright Line Freight Corp. core services rely on the company’s expertise in designing personalized solution systems across all transportation mediums, for various industries. We give our full attention to your requirements and handle your cargo expertly, allowing you to conduct your business more efficiently. BLF also offers unique multimodal solutions such as air + sea and sea + air services.  We have customizable services to provide complete visibility to keep your cargo flowing.  



BLF is an IATA agent for all major airlines, and we can provide fully customizable air logistic solutions.  Our ability to act quickly, effective communication, and considered master loaders at all major gateways provides our customers with cost saving opportunities.



BLF is an innovative NVOCC and offer a number of ocean services which include, FCL and LCL management, consolidation, and ocean freight forwarding.

The most crucial part to every supply chain is the distribution and warehousing sector.

BLF offers one of the most robust inventory management and order fulfillment which operates on a unified global system. Easy connectivity allows our customers quicker turnaround to start a distribution service near any one of our branches.

Our professional distribution management teams at BLF, offer specialized distribution solutions to meet every complex requirement which may arise.  We provide a full range of customizable programs which include, e-commerce, vendor managed inventory levels, order fulfillment, pick and kitting, and origin distribution.

Bright Line Freight Corp. core services rely on the company’s expertise in designing personalized solution systems across all transportation mediums, for various industries. We give our full attention to your requirements and handle your cargo expertly, allowing you to conduct your business more efficiently.

Risk occurs in many different forms and the risks you face depend on the nature and complexity of your business, from natural disaster and terrorist activity disrupting global supply chains, to finance and technology failures. The key is to identify and quantify the specific risks associated with your business and then make decisions about how to manage and mitigate those risks.

Our Logistics experts can help you with your risk assessment, quantify potential impact and probability and implement practical steps in an objective, impartial manner. Our supply chain teams are available to you in helping you sort out and asses your company’s risks, covering a wide range of industries.

Find out more about our risk management services


Your Industry

  • industrial
  • produce
  • automotive
  • consumer goods
  • risk management

As a leader in the aerospace vertical, our clients face daily pressure with commodity prices and increasing competition, as well as strict safety regulations. BLF has a proven track record implanting complex programs. We offer global infrastructure, fully customizable supply chain visibility, and competitive pricing. BLF offers:

  • AOG support service
  • Charter programs
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Project Management

Transporting fresh product around the globe is a highly specialized task.  BLF’s team has the know-how and resources to give you great flexibility, certainty, and creativity when it comes to perishables.  We have more than 15 years experience custom tailoring our clients shipping solutions.

  • Guidance on packing for peak freshness and quality
  • Temperature controlled handling and storage facilities
  • 24/7/365 service with key personnel always available
  • Permanent space allocation

Automotive framework for success

Our automotive operations have a quality system framework designed to meet the automotive standard. Our processes are modeled to meet the demanding standards of the industry using Advanced Quality Planning (AQP/APQP) methodologies. Within this framework, continuous improvement is given the highest priority and has been incorporated into our core quality procedures.

Our special expertise to the automotive industry includes:

  • Supplier management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • Supply chain control towers
  • Customs brokerage
  • Air and Ocean freight forwarding
  • Cross-docking operations
  • JIT delivery systems
  • Information management systems

The Consumer Goods industry faces tremendous competition in the marketplace. With increasing demand from consumers, the Consumer industry needs to achieve rapid supply chain cycles to meet consumer needs. Yet at the same time, the industry has to exert tight price monitoring to compete; as well as to manage fluctuating warehousing needs caused by seasonal trends.

With fierce competition among consumer goods, BLF is here to provide cost-effective and professional e-commerce/logistics solutions to meet your operational needs. The advantages of working with BLF:

  • Short Transit Time
  • <.1% customs inspection rate
  • HS classification Service
  • Duties payment Service
  • Consignee ID Collection & Database
  • Door to door visibility

Risk Management is one of the most critical parts of the global supply chain process.  BLF partners with their clients to help improve the overall knowledge and strategic strategy for their global supply chain.  We work hard to protect Bright Line Freight and our customers from damaged cargo, pilferage, and security breaches of where goods are being shipped.  We have a dedicated team specializing in marine cargo insurance, claims, and security.


Customer Tools

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  • Shipment Tracking

Bright Line Freight Corp. Provides tracing information 24hrs per day through our website customer link below. Shipments are traced via a combination of GPS Satellite Systems and the internet.


Communication, Communication, Communication!!!! All the shipments in the care of Bright Line Freight Corp. are checked at regular intervals. In addition, our drivers and overseas agents are trained to e-mail us and call us immediately if there are any problems or delays. All shipments experiencing delays or problems are immediately communicated to the proper parties. The faster that we get the information, the faster we can work on a solution.




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